May. 21st, 2013

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Three years since I touched DW dev, so I'm rusty as you could imagine. I decided to start with a simple colour theme, because at least I know S2 meaning that it would be a way of doing hello world and getting used to the workflow for submitting patches. I grabbed the top entry from [site community profile] dreamscapes, which happened to be four themes by [personal profile] rising. [personal profile] rising has excellent colour sense and enough experience with DW that his themes are generally almost ready to go with minimal tweaking, so that made it an easy starter bug for me.

As it happens, several things about the environment have changed over my long hiatus. The S2 layer editor has been tweaked so it's less user-hostile (I always test code in the layer editor first before I start changing theme files). DW's file structure has been moved around and rationalized a bit so it's more logical and easier to find the file to work with. The Wiki has ridiculously better documentation than what I was working with when I first started, including detailed style guidance so that code committed by different people, even newbies, will have the same structure, yay.

And... we have migrated from Mercurial to Git. I know a lot of people found it hard to adapt, so the fact I've forgotten everything I ever knew about submitting patches probably actually stood me in good stead. excruciating detail )

The thing that was frustrating about this was not being able to work out what I'd done wrong! I'm not worried about making a mistake, that's obviously going to happen when I'm learning the system for the first time. What I found difficult was that the thing I did wrong, whatever it was, was untraceable, and most especially that it was putting the zombie commit into all my branches, even though I was being ultra, ultra careful to do everything right when I created the branches. However, everybody in IRC was incredibly supportive and helpful, so I'm not going to give up trying to learn version control because of that set-back.

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