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Greetings! If you're looking for [ profile] livredor, this is me, but my main journal is now at [personal profile] liv.

I'm currently using this community for two three purposes:
  1. Testing DW dev stuff
    Probably mainly styles related, so the appearance of the community may change about a lot while I'm fiddling. Also I may at some point document what I'm working on, especially as I progress to more complex bugs.

  2. Documenting my experiences with transitioning to Linux and learning programming

  3. Learning to bake project
    I'm teaching myself to bake, and want to keep notes of recipes I try and how they turn out.

I know a few people subscribed when I first created the comm; you're welcome to keep watching or unsubscribe as you wish. This documenting ongoing projects isn't in any way private, but it's probably not very interesting to most people.


Feb. 16th, 2016 07:35 pm
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One of my baking goals for ages has been to learn a basic cookie recipe which I can then modify with interesting flavours and additions. So I was really pleased when [ profile] ghoti and the her younger kids wanted to spend our afternoon together making chocolate chip cookies. And I know the littles are really quite good cooks, but somehow it's reassuring if making cookies seems like a thing three-year-old can reasonably tackle; the parts of it that are hard involve being cautious with a hot oven, which I already know how to do.

[ profile] ghoti said she usually estimates quantities, rather than weighing. I had formed the impression that baking means you have to be much more careful about quantities than cooking, but maybe she's just really good at estimating! Anyway I tried weighing things but my little kitchen scales seemed a bit off, couldn't zero the dial properly.

The basic cookie mix is butter, flour, sugar and egg. The flour and sugar have to be mixed with the fat by creaming, which is one of those cooking words I've always had trouble with. I had the impression that it meant something to do with mixing stuff really vigorously with a wooden spoon, but in fact we used a fork and mostly just mashed the ingredients together, making the butter into small, covered crumbs. Then we mixed in the egg to make something with the consistency of dough. It didn't matter if it was a bit uneven / lumpy, which again went against my expectations of how baking works.

Then we put slightly random amounts of cookie mix on a greased baking tray. During cooking everything flattened out into lots of overlapping, slightly sticky mega-cookie. I think if I really cared about making distinct individual cookies I would have been more careful to measure out similarly sized balls of dough and make sure there was plenty of space between them.

Anyway, even though everything was kind of approximate and carried out by a very inexperienced baker and some small children the cookies were very nice. That definitely feels like something I could try on my own next time (if I ask for the recipe with the exact proportions), so it was very good for my confidence as well as being tasty.
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I acquired an underpowered netbook struggling to run Windows 8. And I thought, there are lots of good reasons why I should nuke that and install a Free-as-in-speech operating system instead. Windows 8 is too bloated for it, and I'm only using it as a portable internet terminal and for some basic word processing, so I don't need it to be compatible with the Windows-using world. And I generally approve of getting away from proprietary software if I can.

excruciating detail about why I'm still not Linux-enabled )
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If anyone has an anonymous message for [personal profile] liv, please comment to this post. Comments screened.
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This is an interim post, cos I've found in the past that not documenting bugs until they're actually finished is not as helpful or organized as I expected it might be.

I'm working on Expose the breakpoint variables in the wizard. Except that the discussion of what I actually need to achieve this is scattered over several different Github issues and some IRC chat, so if I can put everything together in one place I am more likely to know what I'm doing.

This is the discussion I'm primarily working from:
Investigate breakpoint of layouts. However, see chat with [personal profile] fu (pasted in as a comment) for further detail on this.

Apart from: Add two sets of breakpoint variables

Need to build my patch on: use generate_medium_media_query()

More discussion in [site community profile] dw_styles: Mobile styles redux and in logs from the recent dev chat
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So this patch has a really unfortunate history; I started working on it last summer, I was all gung-ho enthusiastic about DW dev, felt comfortable with all the tools including GitHub, and was ready to have a go at delving into the actual code rather than what I've been doing up to now, which is just patching styles and themes. I struggled a bit with the learning curve, but I really felt like I was making progress. I had to redo the logic because it turned out that I'd misunderstood the spec of what I was supposed to be implementing, but that was fine, and helped me to improve my understanding of how DW works.

And then I got some review comments asking me to improve the appearance of the eventual HTML to be printed, but unfortunately that happened just at the beginning a few months of being really busy at work and abroad for a couple of weeks, which meant I lost momentum for actually fixing the cosmetic bits of the bug. Anyway I eventually managed to complete the required CSS fiddling, right in the middle of typhoon Haiyan, meaning that [personal profile] fu was understandably rather distracted from reviewing the tail end of low-priority patches, and I didn't exactly want to nag her about it, so my final version kind of languished until this week. During that time I didn't quite find the motivation to start a new bug, so by now I've forgotten most of the skills and knowledge I was starting to pick up last summer.

Anyway, the good news is that [personal profile] kareila did a Current Contributors post, where I saw that I hadn't committed anything since June last year. That prompted me to ask [personal profile] fu if she'd forgotten about the last bits of my patch, and she very kindly checked it over and merged it. The less good news is that I have picked just the moment to get back into dev when our bug tracker has died, making it hard to remember what was on my to-do list or search for bugs that will usefully stretch my meagre coding abilities. I don't want to let that block me, so maybe I'll go back to doing styles bugs for a bit, because at least they're documented in [site community profile] dreamscapes.

I'm a bit worried about this, really. Without a shadow of a doubt this is partly my fault; I could have prodded more, I could have got started on a different bug while I was waiting for code review, I could have documented stuff better rather than just waiting until final version was merged, which I kept hoping would be "soon". But I think it's also likely to be a problem for a lot of newbie devs, as evidenced in the Contributors list; only 5 people have committed code in 2014, and only 20 or so since I got derailed from dev work last summer.

let me see what I can reconstruct of what I learned from this bug )

Anyway, here's what actually got committed: Bug 5041 Include comments search in S2 search module, which is the above plus creating a bunch of spans in the search form so that I could style it with CSS, and then some fairly crude CSS to make the search form reasonably non-ugly whether or not the tickybox is present and whether the form is displayed horizontally or vertically and how much space it has. For someone who spends a lot of time working on the pretty on DW I am a really bad web designer. But anyway, that bit was just fiddly, I pretty much already knew how to make each element its own CSS class or ID and then use trial and error until I get CSS that makes it look how I want it. But I am so very glad of the time we spent early in 2009 rationalizing the CSS for all the journal styles so that when I introduce a new feature I don't have to do this bit separately for every possible journal style on the site. And deeply grateful to [personal profile] ninetydegrees and [personal profile] momijizukamori for all their ongoing hard work in keeping that rational, consistent system in order in the five years since.
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I claimed [personal profile] branchandroot's really awesome Mobility layout, partly because I wanted to flex my muscles and try a complete new layout as well as just themes, and partly because I was in love with the idea of a style that looks attractive on mobile screens and on full-size, high-res desktops. This isn't a walkthrough, just a list of little things that tripped me up / new stuff I discovered for future reference.

what I learned )

Et voilà! I am actually liking Git more and more the more I explore it, it's obviously way more powerful than I can benefit from right now, but it seems to be pretty good at doing the right thing if you know the right searches to find the appropriate syntax.
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Three years since I touched DW dev, so I'm rusty as you could imagine. I decided to start with a simple colour theme, because at least I know S2 meaning that it would be a way of doing hello world and getting used to the workflow for submitting patches. I grabbed the top entry from [site community profile] dreamscapes, which happened to be four themes by [personal profile] rising. [personal profile] rising has excellent colour sense and enough experience with DW that his themes are generally almost ready to go with minimal tweaking, so that made it an easy starter bug for me.

As it happens, several things about the environment have changed over my long hiatus. The S2 layer editor has been tweaked so it's less user-hostile (I always test code in the layer editor first before I start changing theme files). DW's file structure has been moved around and rationalized a bit so it's more logical and easier to find the file to work with. The Wiki has ridiculously better documentation than what I was working with when I first started, including detailed style guidance so that code committed by different people, even newbies, will have the same structure, yay.

And... we have migrated from Mercurial to Git. I know a lot of people found it hard to adapt, so the fact I've forgotten everything I ever knew about submitting patches probably actually stood me in good stead. excruciating detail )

The thing that was frustrating about this was not being able to work out what I'd done wrong! I'm not worried about making a mistake, that's obviously going to happen when I'm learning the system for the first time. What I found difficult was that the thing I did wrong, whatever it was, was untraceable, and most especially that it was putting the zombie commit into all my branches, even though I was being ultra, ultra careful to do everything right when I created the branches. However, everybody in IRC was incredibly supportive and helpful, so I'm not going to give up trying to learn version control because of that set-back.

Test post

Apr. 26th, 2011 09:12 pm
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